Highly Recommended by Family Life Bloggers! Chung Hsiang Noodles are Great Taiwanese Snacks at Midnight

The best Taiwan snacks in midnights are Taiwan dried noodles.

The sesame sauce goes super well with chopped scallions. The spicy aroma when sesame sauce is mixed with Sichuan peppercorns tastes fills the mouth with sesame flavor in every bite, and the noodles also have an amazing chew! This is definitely one of the best and smoothest sesame sauce spicy noodle combos I’ve tried! (image and text/Xiaomi Ma)

Exclusive Family Sauce – The Flavor of a Mother’s Touch

Chung Hsiang invited Mother Bao, maker of delicious cuisine, to personally recreate their family’s exclusive and delicious flavors in each sauce. The first flavors to be released are Sichuan Pepper and Sesame. The Sichuan Pepper flavor includes chili peppers, turmeric, and sichuan pepper; the Sesame flavor is combined with premium select sichuan peppercorns with a spice level that will leave spice addicts feeling satisfied. Those who don’t prefer spicy foods can also enjoy the taste.

Sichuan flavor and sesame flavor are just perfect for Taiwan snacks

▲Exclusive mala formula – Premium select sichuan peppercorns are undoubtedly the soul of these noodles and really get the appetite going. The handmade, sun-dried wavy noodles absorb the sauce with ease and taste absolutely delicious!! (image and text/ Aru’s Box)格子)

Sichuan flavor are too satisfied as Taiwan snacks for spice addicts

“The Sichuan Pepper flavor has got to be one of the spiciest noodles I’ve tasted. The sauce is spicy, rich, and aromatic! Even though I find it very spicy, it’s absolutely delicious!” (image and text/ MOMO)

Sun-Dried Noodles Offer Bouncy Texture with Satisfying Sauces

Chung Hsiang’s noodles are rigorously crafted and sun-dried. The noodles have a wavy texture, allowing them to more easily absorb sauce while mixing so that every bite is filled with flavor. The special width noodles perfectly absorbs our exclusive sauce.

The best sun-dried noodles are just great as Taiwan snacks

Chung Hsiang’s noodles maintain a chewy texture and are packed with flavor. Their specially selected exclusive sauces taste rich, are very flavorfull, and really help work up an appetite with a bit of spiciness!! (image and text/ Aru’s Box)

Hannah said it is such great noodles as a Taiwan snacks

When it’s late and you’re starving or craving for a snack, Chung Hsiang’s noodles are without a doubt the go-to snack at home. (image and text/ Hannah)

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