2020 The 50th Anniversary of the Taiwan cookies Brand Promoting New Arrival Mixed Noodles

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, the Company of Taiwan Cookies Invite Everyone to Join Christmasland in New Taipei City

Christmasland in New Taipei City is becoming increasingly popular yearly, attracting many companies to set up stalls and hold activities. Some companies are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They conducted special offers and cooked new products on the spot for the public to try for free. People can also spin the roulette to get discounts. With the 50th anniversary of the brand next year, the company built an advertising vehicle in Christmasland in New Taipei City and provided food sampling on-site to attract the masses. The noodles are cooked, sauced, and dished up to invite passers-by to savor the taste of the new arrival mixed noodles.


Well-known Taiwan Cookies Brand Spanned the Mixed Noodle Field

Food companies that have achieved good sales with soda biscuit products will span the mixed noodle market and use their mature technology to cross-border different products. Chuan-Wei Li, the executive director of the company, said, “We also hope to demonstrate years of experience in quality control and innovative dough technology, so we chose to step into the dry noodle market. In addition, we also launched a 50th-anniversary celebration special product.” The brand will be established for half a century in 2020 and will announce the full launch of its 50th-anniversary celebration through on-site events. It is also expected that the classic taste of dry noodles will achieve success in the market.


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