Limited Edition LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Souvenir as Taiwan Souvenir and Benefits the Disadvantaged

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04.22 is World Earth Day and Chung Hsiang Equality Day

(News Report) On April 22, or World Earth Day, Chung Hsiang Foods launched the Mother’s Day gift set pre-order campaign “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders” by releasing the limited edition LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Gift Set for the charity price of NT$299. Chung Hsiang Foods will donate 30% of sales to various charity groups in the hopes of supporting society with warmth, mutual support, and a positive cycle. The gift sets can be purchased from 12 partner charity associations. CH Foods will designate April 22 as the company’s employee charity day, or CH Equality Day. The senior executives at Chung Hsiang Foods will participate in charity and lead employees to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. The origin of World Earth Day being April 22 is because on this day, the duration of day and night are equal throughout the world and the sun shines on both the North and South Poles, representing world equality, mankind’s respect of diverse individuals, letting go of our controversies and differences, and co-existing in harmony. Chung Hsiang Foods believes that World Earth Day should not be restricted to environmental issues but should return to the original intention of harmonious existence, which is why they selected this day as their corporate charity day.


Mother’s Day Pre-orders for Taiwanese Souvenir Symbolizing “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders”

“Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders”. The Mother’s Day pre-order campaign for LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisps is a brand new product developed by Chung Hsiang. The souvenir’s eternal packaging is filled with warm and simplistic clouds and symbols such as the peace dove to symbolize “equality, harmony, and peace”. The sleeve is designed with carnations, a flower that represents Mother’s Day; the addition of brand mascot “Hsiang Family” as the visual theme represents the combined efforts of families, friends, and charity groups to plant the seeds of hope in the remaining year. Each waffle butter crisp is made with European butter and select ingredients to create a thin, crispy texture with the elegant aroma of butter. Waffle butter crisps are available in original and chocolate flavors that allow consumers to taste the care of Chung Hsiang Foods as well as our support for disadvantaged groups with every bite.


Chung Hsiang Foods Partners with 12 Foundations and Associations to Release Asian Cereal Waffle Butter Crisps

The 12 joint sales locations include Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Taiwan Foundation for the Blind, Andrew Charity Association, Taiwan Guide Dog Association, Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan U-Life Association, Starhand Association, Taoyuan Municipal Taoyuan Special School, Adolescents’ Home Taoyuan Prison Fellowship Taiwan, Taoyuan City Lilinshu Social Welfare Foundation, Seed in Land Co., Ltd, and Childhood Burn Foundation of the Republic of China. (For event details, visit (Tang Wei-Wei)

▲LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisps are carefully made with select ingredients. Each bite shows the company’s care and support for various disadvantaged groups. (Provided by Chung Hsiang Foods)

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