HIghly Recommended by Family Life Bloggers! These Taiwan Cookiess are Super Addictive

▲Every bite of “O’day Energy Crackers” fills you with nutrition and energy. It’s highly recommended by family life bloggers!

Family Life Bloggers Unanimously Praise Taiwanese Cookies

After becoming new parents, many shift their focus towards their children and begin studying as well as following popular bloggers. In addition to learning about family interactions, they also offer a lot of information on raising children. Whether it’s about fun places to bring children, sharing great products, or preparing baby food, family life bloggers share all the experiences of child rearing and resonate with parents. Recently, followers of family life bloggers have noticed a brand of crackers that have earned the praise of many bloggers for being delicious, nutritious, and loved by the whole family!

▲”O’day Energy Crackers” are simply delicious and a sought after treat by both Colleen and her son.

Crispy and Addictive Taiwanese Crackers – O’day Crackers

“O’day Energy Crackers” are a popular new product by CH Foods targeted towards families. Many people may be unfamiliar with CH Foods, but the company’s “vegetable crackers” have accompanied the growth of countless citizens; the company later earned a reputation through the “Natural Series”. Founded in 1970, the company’s aromatic products have evolved from simple handmade crackers to fully automated factory production. CH Foods insists on using only the best ingredients and rigorous quality control processes to provide safe and delicious crackers. The Taiwanese soda cracker legend’s product sales simply dominate the Taiwan market! After observing that children may not enjoy the crispy savory soda crackers by the company, CH Foods developed “O’day Energy Crackers” to be a nutritious, crispy, yet not too sweet cracker that can provide consumers with a full day of energy. “O’day Energy Crackers” are available in the flavors of milk and sesame; the sesame flavor is rich in vitamins and minerals while the milk flavor is packed with calcium and vitamins necessary for the growth and development of children. The healthy and low calorie snack is a perfect choice to stave off hunger!

▲”O’day Energy Crackers” in milk and sesame flavors.

Keep Hands Clean with Taiwanese Cookies Company’s Individual Packaging

Not only do K&C Kyler and Charlotte love “O’day Energy Crackers”, “The Couple” Kim and Nico also often share their daughter’s praise for the product; the rich aroma of milk is loved by their daughter Nini. Additionally, the individually packed crackers prevent dirty hands, making them a perfect snack when the whole family travels! Colleen, who often calls herself “Mommy” on the internet also joked how soda crackers became her best friend due to a twist of fate; during her bout with morning sickness while pregnant, she had already tested every soda cracker product on the market as she would snack on them whenever she felt sick in the mornings. As a soda cracker connoisseur, Colleen praised “O’day Energy Crackers” for a milk flavor that’s not excessively sweet and the sesame flavor for using excellent ingredients that provide crispy sesame seeds in every bite. They’re so good, she has to fight her son for them! As an advocate for charity, when Colleen discovered CH Foods’ efforts in donating a car to Rainbow Family Life Education Association as well as their joint storytelling tour in campuses across Taiwan, she immediately ordered two boxes of crackers to do her part for charity.

▲Adorable mixed-race children K&C Kyler and Charlotte simply love “O’day Energy Crackers”!

▲Nini’s favorite “O’day Energy Cracker” flavor is milk.