Chung Hsiang Continues Charity Pre-orders for Taiwan Souvenir Gift Set on World Earth Day

▲A few days ago, Chung Hsiang Food.’s senior executives led colleagues to encourage and support each other to participate in the Andrew Charity Association. Under the guidance of volunteers, they completed 100 boxes of donation packages. It was quite enthusiastic. (Photo/provided by Chung Hsiang Food.)

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Chung Hsiang Foods Partners with Welfare Associations for Charity

Taiwan’s top soda cracker brand Chung Hsiang Foods believes that the success of an enterprise is due to hard work and society’s support which has led to the company’s soaring growth and energy. Therefore, Chung Hsiang Foods also gives back to society during their efforts for revenue growth. Since 2021, they have established April 22 World Earth Day as “Chung Hsiang Foods Enterprise Charity Day”, naming it “Chung Hsiang Equality Day” where the company’s senior executives personally participate in charity. They lead employees from across Taiwan in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Since long ago, Chung Hsiang Foods has been dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality products but recently, the company has catered to all corners of society and fulfilled their corporate social responsibility to the praise of consumers. This principle of sustainable operations has culminated in the insistence of giving back to society. “Spreading Love in the Face of COVID-19” and long-term care for society’s disadvantaged groups has shown Chung Hsiang Foods that the growing severity of the pandemic will inevitably impact economies. Welfare groups that were previously sponsored by Chung Hsiang Foods have received significant impact to their fundraising, thereby causing their operations to suffer.


Order Taiwan Souvenir Gift Sets for Charity

For this year’s “Chung Hsiang Equality Day”, Chung Hsiang has carefully planned the Mother’s Day souvenir pre-order campaign “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders”. The gift sets were planned for the purpose of spreading love. through charity and giving back to various associations and groups on Mother’s Day. The act of casting a brick to find jade spreads warmth and happiness to many households and is an invitation for a public response to take action and support disadvantaged groups.

Taiwan souvenir to buy on Mother's day
Chung Hsiang releases Mother’s Day Charity gift set, reminding all to give to charity while celebrating Mother’s Day

Taiwan Souvenir Gift Set for Charity – Spread Happiness and Love on Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day pre-order campaign “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders” saw the launch of LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisps which are produced with European butter and select ingredients. The thin, crispy texture and rich butter aroma is offered in the flavors of original and chocolate; each box is priced at NT$299 and Chung Hsiang Foods will donate 30% of all proceeds to various charity groups in the hope fo spreading warmth, mutual support, and a cycle of positive energy. The gift box is packaged in bright colors such as blue and yellow along with geometric patterns that encompass both high quality and fun characteristics to spread love without end. The charity gift set’s waffle butter crisps hope to convey the company’s love, charity ideals, and beautiful stories to make society better.

4/22地球日 中祥延續「公益不分你我,愛無界限」 母親節禮盒預購傳愛心 on 04.22 The Earth Day Zhong Xiang with 12 associations together released Happy Mother's Day gift box
Taoyuan Adolescents’ Home partners with Chung Hsiang to release a Mother’s Day Gift Set


Chung Hsiang Partners with 12 Welfare Groups for “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders”

Chung Hsiang Foods’ charity gift set campaign last year received praise and support from charitable individuals in various fields, resulting in outstanding achievements that showed the public’s passion and love. Despite the economic downturn of the macro environment, last year’s “Charity without Discrimination, Love without Borders” campaign continues this year with even more partners. The limited edition LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Gift Set is priced at NT$299 and Chung Hsiang Foods will donate 30% of all proceeds to major charity groups in the hopes of expanding the accumulated power of kindness and spreading positive energy to all corners of society. The gift set will not be available in any retail channels but will only be sold at 12 participating welfare associations. Members of the public can express their love while purchasing these gift sets and choose to support their preferred charities by providing them with substantial love, support, and compassion as they continue to suffer difficulties in fundraising during the pandemic. We hope that public power can be concentrated on Mother’s Day to truly provide support and warmth when it is needed.

LUIMI gift set as Taiwan xouvenir on Mother's Day
Gift set released by Taiwan Foundation for the Blind and Chung Hsiang

A Gift of Gratitude – Andrews Delivers Warmth to the Disadvantaged, Charity Volunteers Accumulate Hope

Chung Hsiang Foods continues to encourages employees to participate in charitable activites. Days ago, senior executives from Chung Hsiang Foods led colleagues to participate in the activities of Andrews Food Bank. With guidance from volunteers, they completed the packaging of supplies. The event was very busy as Chung Hsiang employees showed their spirit for passion, service, and compassion. Participating employees focused their efforts on charity and displayed satisfied expressions as their passion continues to grow each year. While their individual power is limited, their combined efforts create a cycle of kindness that allows those who receive supplies to feel the warmth of their intentions. Hopefully, the act of caring for disadvantaged individuals and spreading happiness will bring a level of warmth of Chung Hsiang Foods as well as society as we leverage our corporate influence to spread love and make society a better place.


Limited Gift Set Starting Today: Taiwanese Snacks | LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Charity Gift Set

Taiwanese Snacks | LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Charity Gift Set
LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Charity Gift Set


  • Purchase the charity gift set from designated groups at a discount price of NT$299.

The gift set will not be available in any retail channels but will only be sold at 12 participating welfare associations

[Sales Locations of LUIMI Waffle Butter Crisp Gift Set] The 12 joint sales locations include Taiwan Guide Dog Association, Andrew Charity Association, Childhood Burn Foundation of the Republic of China, Adolescents’ Home Taoyuan Prison Fellowship Taiwan, Taoyuan Municipal Taoyuan Special School, Taiwan Foundation for the Blind, Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, Bornanew Youth Caring Association, Green Box Baby Social Welfare Association, Autism Society of Taiwan, The Garden of Mercy Foundation, and The Single Parent Educational Foundation.


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