[Outstanding] Classic Taiwanese Cracker Manufacturer Releases New Product for Charity – Enough Sales to Circle the Earth 19 Times

▲Celebrity mom Colleen places the utmost importance in the heatlh of her children by choosing snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. Photograph by Li Peng-Wei

source:Apple daily

Chung Hsiang Releases New Taiwanese Cracker, Invites the Public to Participate in Charity

▲Chung Hsiang Foods releases their new O’day brand and promotes the flavors of sesame and milk. Photograph by Li Peng-Wei


On the even of their 50th anniversary, classic Taiwanese soda cracker manufacturer Chung Hsiang Foods is releasing “O’day”, a new brand with sweet soda crackers that targets families. Chung Hsiang Foods President Li Chao-Wei states: “If we lined up all the crackers we’ve ever sold, we could circle the Earth more than 19 times!” The company is releasing a charity pack from which a portion of proceeds will be donated to charity groups.


Chung Hsiang Foods Leads the Industry

Compared to other family businesses, Chung Hsiang Foods is operated by two generations of uncles and nephews. The company was jointly founded in Taipei by uncle Li Chin-Shuei and nephew Li Wu-Chi in 1970 and later relocated their factory to their home in Bade, Taoyuan; they operate brands such as Chung Hsiang, Natural Series, and the latest O’day. Based on a U.S. market research report, Chung Hsiang’s soda crackers account for 48% of the market, leading the industry.


Taiwan Cookies Partners with Rainbow Family Life Education Association for Charity

Taiwan cookies leading brand take part in charity welfare.
▲Through the story car, Chung Hsiang Foods and rainbow mothers continue to spread warmth and kindness to remote areas. Photograph by Li Peng-Wei


In 2014, the second generation of Chung Hsiang Foods officially took the reins with Li Chao-Chih, who majored in electronics, taking over as President and Li Chien-He, Li Tsung-Hsien, and Li Chuan-Wei taking on the role of Executive Directors. They operated on the idea of “immediate happiness” and began long-term charity partnerships with Andrews and Rainbow Family Life Education Association.


Sparing No Expenses for Taiwan Crackers and Energy Car

Sparing No Expenses for Taiwan Crackers and Energy Car
▲Chung Hsiang Foods and Rainbow Family Life Education Association officially unveil O’day Energy Car. Photograph by Hsu Ming-Sui


Chung Hsiang Foods spent NT$2.5 million building an O’day Energy Car capable of providing a canopy for “Rainbow Mothers” of Rainbow Family Life Education Association. Starting May 20th of last month, they embarked on a storytelling journey across the island, visiting 16 schools including Hsinchu’s Beimen Elementary School, Hualien’s Mingli Elementary School, and Pingtung’s Nanwan Elementary School. Executives from Chung Hsiang Foods personally joined rainbow mothers on the storytelling tour and dressed up as rabbits, sheep, and other animals to dance, perform, and teach children about happiness through illustration books. At the press conference, Li Chao-Chih shared sentimental stories from his journey, mentioning that “some children believed that true happiness is not needing to do homework!” He also announced the release of the O’day Rainbow Mother Charity Pack as well as how a portion of proceeds will be donated to Rainbow Familiy Life Education Association to spread happiness even further.


“As long as children are willing to wait, we will stand beside them.”

“Children who grow up listening to stories possess a power filled with warmth.” Rainbow Family Life Education Association representative Hsieh Hui-Yen expressed that there are currently around 6000 rainbow mothers across Taiwan reading stories to children in elementary school classrooms. They have accompanied children for two decades and the new O’day Energy Car will allow them to step out of the classroom and visit remote areas. “As long as children are willing to wait, we will stand beside them.” (Hsu Ming-Sui / Taipei)