2019 The Leading Brand of Taiwan Cookies Rolled Out New Brand – O’day Series

2019 中祥食品【O'day】新品牌上市

▲2019 The Leading Brand of Taiwan Cookies Rolled Out New Brand – O’day Series

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【O’day】-Give you full vitality all day long, eat O’day vitality All Day

(The picture is O’day sesame biscuits)


O’day biscuits use top raw materials, adding American wheat, Dutch cheese, Australian strictly selected cream and milk powder. After a strict process, high-quality nutritious crackers are produced. Breaking the old tradition of incompatibility between sweet biscuits and health, the two flavors: sesame and milk, are produced priority. All ingredients are healthier, natural, and burden-free. “Safety, relieving, and deliciousness” is O’day’s commitment. Chung Hsiang Food. uses non-hydrogenated palm oil, and does not add flavors, pigments, preservatives, and MSG during the production process, so that the body will be less burdened, receive more nutrition, and gain 100 points of happiness! O’day sesame flavor vitality biscuits are rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and various minerals, protein, carbohydrate and dietary fiber content. O’day’s milk-flavored biscuits are full of calcium, providing the nutrition children need for growth and development.


Taiwan Cookies Leading Brand Cooperate with the Rainbow Family Life to Do the Charity

In addition, Chung Hsiang Foods. also cooperates with the charity – “Rainbow Family Life Education Association” to visit elementary schools and families in Taiwan to carry out life education and help every family regain the vitality and the meaning of life. The Rainbow Family Life Education Association aims to serve both children and families. Through the training of life education volunteers with multiple arts, thinking teaching, experiential learning, and caring companionship, it enters primary schools and families in Taiwan to carry out life education, so that every life has meaning. “Life education is not a kind of teaching, nor a kind of training, but to truly touch the needs of children’s hearts, so that children are moved and then reflect on themselves, and realize beautiful beliefs so that they are willing to change.” Rainbow Family Life Education volunteers have undergone professional training. They visit the school to accompany the children, and convey the concept of life education through storytelling; ” Rainbow Family Life Education Association ” believes that positive attitudes can lead to changes, and changing the attitude of parents is also equivalent to changing a family. Children who grow up in such a healthy environment will change the children’s future.


Create A Unique “Rainbow Mother Story Car”

(The interior of the story car is very warm and lovely.)


In response to the 20th anniversary of the Rainbow Family Life Education Association, the second generation of Chung Hsiang Foods.’ four-member take-over team not only joined the Rainbow Mother volunteers but also tailored a unique “Rainbow Mother Story Car” to meet the needs of the association. The interior and exterior fully demonstrate the characteristics of the Rainbow Family Life Education Association and Chung Hsiang Foods.’ enthusiasm for charity. Children who come to listen to stories can enjoy O’day while listening to Rainbow mother’s story, replenishing their souls and enjoying healthy and delicious biscuits. The four take-over team members of Chung Hsiang Food took turns visiting elementary schools in the north, middle, south, and east of Taiwan by way of participating in the rainbow mother story car and delivering O’day biscuits in personal. The satisfied smiles of the children are the constant pursuit of Chung Hsiang Foods. A circle is formed from the start till the end, which symbolizes the O of O’day, and it is successfully completed by the four take-over team members of Chung Hsiang Foods. and the Rainbow Family Life Education Association.


Rolled Out O’day’s Rainbow Mother Charity Bag to Continue the Spirit of Companionship

Rainbow Family Life Education Association’s volunteers entered the campus. They conveyed the concept of life education through storytelling, hoping to warm every child through education and companionship, which also echoed the spirit of companionship held by Chung Hsiang Food. This event also rolled out O’day’s Rainbow Mother Charity Bag. By selling this charity bag, the proceeds will be donated to the Rainbow Family Life Education Association. It was hoped to continue the spirit of companionship, continue to spread love in every corner of Taiwan, and fill everyone with love on every innocent smiling face.


O’day Story Car Take Rainbow Mother  to Tell the Story Around the Island

(The picture is the O’day car.)


From the original intention action of the first rainbow mother to all partners consists of 6,000 rainbow mothers in Taiwan, the rainbow mother has been accompanying the children for 20 years! At the same time, the Rainbow Family Life Education Association thanks Chung Hsiang Foods. for donating the picture book story car, letting the rainbow mother walk out of the classroom and go deep into the whole territory of Taiwan this year! Let’s happily start the journey of Rainbow Mother! From 5/20 to 6/11, let’s help the entire of Taiwan see “Rainbow Mother”! Starting from the first school 20 years ago, our first stop will be Hsinchu Beimen Elementary School. It will then circle Taiwan clockwise by forming a circle. The northernmost, the easternmost, the southernmost, the westernmost, the highest mountain, the most remote, the most near the sea, crossing the city, going deep into remote villages… we will go to 20 schools to tell stories! Chung Hsiang Food. and Rainbow Mom will bring love and happiness to the hearts of every campus child!

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