President of Asian Snack Cracker Company Travels Across Taiwan, Telling Stories to Children

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Asian Cookies Company Partners with Rainbow Family Life Education Association for Charity

Chung Hsiang Foods, the renowned asian soda cracker and asian cookies brand in Taiwan, recently partnered with Rainbow Family Life Education Association for charity. For the association’s 20th anniversary, CH Foods not only built a “storytelling car”, but Chung Hsiang executives also donned the costumes of rainbow mothers and traveled across Taiwan with volunteers to visit campuses. They accompanied children with song, dance, and vibrant stories of life to deliver happiness into the hearts of children across Taiwan.

Asian cookies manufacturer build rainbow story-telling car.

▲Rainbow Family Life Education Association tours across the campuses of Taiwan in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Rainbow Family Life Education Association Travels Across Taiwan in Storytelling Tour to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

For two decades, Rainbow Family Life Education Association has been dedicated to children’s life education by accompanying children in campuses through storytelling and advocating for excellent life beliefs that enrich children’s lives and create loving families. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Rainbow Family Life Education Association, CH Foods has donated the beautiful “O’day Energy Car” that’s also filled with music and delicious crackers. The car will accompany rainbow mothers as they tour across Taiwan and tell stories to children. The first stop of this journey will begin at Hsinchu’s Beimen Elementary School, the first school visited by the association 20 years ago; the tour will travel clockwise and circle Taiwan to tell stories to children in schools. The “O’day Energy Car” is colorful and grabs the attention of children upon entering campuses; executives from Chung Hsiang also joined the ranks of rainbow mothers with song and dance performances before storytelling through the large screen of the car. Children were captivated by the volunteers and their cute and energetic performances while dressed as mascots.

In front of the story telling car built by famous asian cookies company, rainbow moms work hard to please the children.

▲Rainbow mothers sing and dance for welcoming students.

Children Respond Passionately After Stories and Having Taiwan Snacks

After listening to stories, the children enjoy the highly anticipated snack time where they were first to try CH Foods’ newly released Taiwanese cracker “O’day Energy Crackers”. In the past, CH Foods made a name for itself through the “Natural Series” and the insistence on using premium ingredients and rigorous quality control processes to provide safe and delicious cookies. The new brand O’day, released specifically for families, are Taiwanese energy crackers in the flavors of milk and sesame. The crisp, not overly sweet crackers were devoured by school children who’s faces lit up with satisfaction. In the future, “O’day Energy Car” will continue to tour across Taiwan with storytelling to accompany children and provide both love and compassion.

Children Respond Passionately After Stories and Having Taiwan Snacks

▲O’day Energy Crackers provide a quick energy boost for recovery. Children were ecstatic to receive the crackers.

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