Chung Hsiang Foods – The Legendary Soda Cracker Manufacturer of Taiwan

Chung Hsiang Foods Executive Director Li Chuan-Wei (left) described the company’s theme at the food expo as “A Classic Accompanying You for 50 Years”, showcasing Chung Hsiang Foods’ transition into the new era as well as the company’s diversified operations and ambition for innovation. Photo/ Huang Chun-Jung

source:Commercial Times

Creating the Unique Flavor of Taiwanese Soda Crackers with Years of Experience

公司的零食櫃都放些什麼零食?涮嘴的辦公室零食推薦 What kind of snacks are better to put in snack bar? Snacks recommendation.
(Photo of grain soda cracker)


The unassuming thin, crispy soda cracker contains the heritage of baking experience as well as the professional insistence on texture! Chung Hsiang Foods and the company’s leading soda cracker brand “Natural Series” contains nearly 50 years of pastry experience and an insistence on 3 aspects – humidity, temperature, and speed. The strict selection of ingredients and accurate understanding of ingredients achieves a rigorous safeguarding of these 3 requirements for each cracker, creating a unique and irreplaceable soda cracker.

Chung Hsiang – The Leading, Irreplaceable Brand

The number of soda crackers produced by Chung Hsiang Foods over the years can circle the earth 20 times in length. Today, annual production grows at a speed capable of circling the earth each year. This has established Chung Hsiang’s crackers as an irreplaceable, leading brand in markets across the world.

Continuous Improvement and Release of New Taiwanese Snacks

Chung Hsiang Foods Executive Director Li Chuan-Wei stated that since being founded in 1970, the company has transitioned from handmade crackers to production in automated factories. Both the traditional clear package crackers or the universally popular “Natural Series” soda crackers some call the national cookie contain the founder’s passion and professionalism towards soda crackers. The company continues to uphold rich enterprise operating principles while delivering delicious soda crackers to consumers. In nearly 50 years, Chung Hsiang has dedicated itself to manufacturing crackers, sound operations, and laying the heritage of old masters in every golden, crispy cracker. Despite being in a traditional industry, Chung Hsiang Foods continues to innovate in the hopes of providing consumers with even more delicious experiences.

Amtopm Light Series – Taiwanese Snacks with a Focus in Health

Today’s consumers are more watchful of what they eat and are diversifying in their demand for flavors. In their targeting of the broader fine food market, Chung Hsiang Foods released new packaging for their classic “Chung Hsiang Original Crackers” at the 2014 Taipei International Food Show. Later, they will release the energy-providing and delicious “amtopm Crackers Series” as well as the healthy “amtopm Light Series”. No longer will crackers merely fill bellies, they’ll evolve into healthy and deliciously tasteful snacks that accompanying you day and night!

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