“Natural Series” Sales Surge During Holidays – Manufacturer: Donating 5% of Revenue to Society

▲Chung Hsiang Foods invites the public to share happiness and participate in charity. 5% of the total sales revenue from any purchase of Natural Series crackers will be donated to Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association. (Photo / “Natural Series” official website)

Asian Cracker Manufacturer Gives Back to Society by Donating 5% of Revenue

As we enjoy 3 meals a day and ponder where to watch a movie or have fun, there are many financially disadvantaged groups living in poverty throughout the corners of our cities or remote areas. They strive hard to make ends meet and are a powerful contrast to our worry-free lives as they sometimes struggle to find a meal. In order to rekindle “Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery” and deliver warmth, Chung Hsiang Foods will donate 5% of all sales in the Natural Series to Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association to spread warmth and happiness into society.

Chung Hsiang Foods – Renowned Asian Snack Manufacturer

Nearly 5 decades after being founded in 1970, Chung Hsiang Foods earned a reputation through the “Natural Series” of soda crackers. The company started with simple, traditional handmade crackers before advancing to automated factories to establish the quality of products in the market and enter distribution channels in Taiwan and abroad. While the company’s operation scales and advancements are made in cracker manufacturing technology, Chung Hsiang Foods has maintained their insistence on soda crackers; the selection of ingredients and their manufacturing formula faithfully present the natural flavors of Taiwan and the taste that has accompanied the lives of many. Despite their simple flavors, Asian snacks contain the taste of happiness. Just as the slogan says, “the right amount of satisfaction, the right amount of happiness”. Turns out, the right amount is all it takes.

Register Receipts for Any Purhcase of Soda Crackers to Win Prize Money

盤點那些媽媽小孩們都喜歡吃的蘇打餅及蘇打餅乾推薦。Yummy saltine crackers for family members.
(Image of soda crackers)


Chung Hsiang Foods has long upheld the spirit and philosophy of charity by participating in charity recitals and regularly donating nutritious crackers to food banks so that disadvantaged children don’t go hungry. Our actions care for disadvantaged groups by sharing the right amount of happiness and delivering warmth to those who need help; hopefully, these acts of kindness will one day allow them to pay it forward. In order to summon public support for charity, Chung Hsiang Foods will donate 5% of total revenue for any purchase of soda crackers from the “Natural Series” of products from February 1-28. A donation will be made to support Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association; additionally, any registration of receipts results in the chance to win prize money.

Asian Cracker Manufacturer Shares Warmth Through Charity

Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association, the partner for this charity event, works to deliver supplies, take in children, and share resources to poor families in remote areas so as to provide for their basic necessities, care for the physical and mental development of disadvantaged children, and help them establish good life values. Currently, the association cares for a list of 7,322 people across Taiwan. Through the passionate donations of private enterprises, charitable individuals, institutions, and groups, they have consolidated major resources to spread warmth throughout society.

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