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Taiwan crackers – A Great Taiwanese Snacks

Have you ever had this experience: It’s been a few hours after lunch, but it’s not time for dinner yet. Even though you’re not hungry, but got the munchies. If you don’t want to eat something that is too greasy or too strong, soda crackers are a good choice at this time!

Chung Hsiang Foods Releases New Sesame and Milk Flavors for the Tasty Taiwanese Snacks

When it comes to soda crackers, only Chung Hsiang Foods comes to mind! The tasty treat we all grew up with continues to release new products such as the highly nutritious O’day. It’s the same healthy, natural, and light cracker in flavors such as sesame and milk. How yummy are they? Colleen will taste them for you!

▲Chung Hsiang Foods has rolled out a new product, O’day, which with high nutritional content and has two sweet flavors: sesame and milk!

Enough talking, let’s hurry with the unboxing! O’day crackers are super delicious and crispy but also great for your health. The milk flavor crackers taste natural, not too sweet, and is packed with calcium and nutrients necessary for growing children; the sesame crackers are hearty and covered with black sesame! A single cracker is rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium, zinc, various minerals, protein, sugar, and dietary fiber! The energy boosting and nutritious crackers are perfect for children and adults alike!

Many Taiwanese Snacks on The Market Are Unhealthy

Always pay more attention to the nutritional content of snacks for children. Although there are so many snacks on the market, most delicious snacks are unhealthy, and healthy snacks are not delicious. It is really hard to make the decision!

▲Sesame-flavored vitality biscuits are full of black sesame seeds. The ingredients are divine and more nutritious!

Taiwanese Crackers – O’day are Delicious and Healthy

O’day biscuits are strictly checked for consumers, using top raw materials from American wheat, Dutch cheese, and Australian strictly selected butter and milk powder, making the biscuits crispy and delicious! It also uses non-hydrogenated palm oil, and without adding flavors, pigments, preservatives, or MSG during the production process, so that the body is less burdened and more nutritious, making snacks that adults and children love to eat!

▲Milk flavored crackers taste natural, not overly sweet, and is packed with calcium!

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