Rainbow Mommy’s Story Car Shares Love Across Taiwan, Provides Warmth for Young Students

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Taiwan cookies manufacturer cooperate with charities. Rainbow moms and dads provide warmth for children

▲Rainbow Family Life celebrates 20th anniversary through a story car travelling across Taiwan to inspire love in children. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin

Rainbow Family Life’s 20th anniversary story car will travel across Taiwan from May 20th to June 11th to visit campuses in remote, alpine, and coastal regions to tell stories. On the morning of June 20th, a 20th anniversary celebration “Northern Volunteer Appreciation Conference” will be hosted in the Concert Hall of Taipei’s CPC Building. More than 800 rainbow mothers, volunteers, and children from across Taiwan will attend the event to commemorate the volunteers who have dedicated themselves for more than 2, 6, 10, and 15 years. The newly appointed Chairman will also receive distinctions in appreciation for their support, influence, and accompaniment to children throughout their growth.

Unveiling ceremony of car. Photography by Liu Yi-Lin

▲Unveiling ceremony of car. Photography by Liu Yi-Lin

Ceremony held by Taiwan cookies manufacturer

▲Four members of the second generation succession team of CH Foods hosts a press conference after the event. Photography by Liu Yi-Lin

Four Members of Second Generation Succession Team of Taiwan cookies leading brand Joins the Ranks of Rainbow Volunteers

In a press conference hosted after the event, the four members of the second generation succession team at CH Foods joined the ranks of rainbow volunteers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rainbow Family Life; they dressed up as adorable mascots, acted in plays with volunteer moms, and told stories to children. CH Foods built a custom “Rainbow Mother Story Car” for Rainbow Family Life in hopes of bringing volunteer mothers, teachers, and O’day crackers across Taiwan to provide children with the calcium and nutrients they need to grow and develop.

speech deliver by president of Taiwan cookies manufacturer

▲President Li Chao-Chih. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin

O’day Rainbow Mother Taiwanese Snacks Released to Inspire the Power of Love

President Li Chao-Chih describes his experience: “While it was nervous to act for the first time, the focused expressions of children as they listened to the stories and their joy upon receiving our crackers deeply moved me and filled me with happiness!” CH Foods has long been devoted to caring for disadvantaged groups and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility which is why this year, the company has partnered with “Rainbow Family Life Education Association” to conduct life education in campuses, serve children and families, change children’s lives, and become a messenger of love. We fully support and approve of Rainbow Family Life’s visiting of schools which is why we released the O’day Rainbow Mother Charity Pack. The proceeds of this product will be donated to Rainbow Family Life Education Association in hopes that the power of love will bring smiles to children’s faces every day.

The first volunteer of rainbow mom

▲Hsieh Hui-Yen, the first volunteer at Rainbow Famiy Life. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin

Rainbow Family Life Education Association

The event unveiled the Rainbow Mother Story Car that will travel across Taiwan. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin


Hsieh Hui-Yen, the very first volunteer at Rainbow Family Life stated that since 1999, 6,000 rainbow mothers across Taiwan willingly devoted themselves to life education for the goal of “building exceptional beliefs in life and changing culture”. While it seems challenging, the job allowed volunteers to accompany the growth of every seed and fill children’s life with hope, giving them love and warmth when they need it most. A life of love builds closer families and marriages that improve a child’s life. In two decades, the association has trained over 30,000 volunteers. She points out that they have a service rate of 28% for elementary schools across the nation, serving more than 700 schools, more than 5,600 classrooms, and teaching life education to an average of 150,000 children through stories told each year. The association helps children face life head on, relieve stress, bask in the discovery of their individual qualities, and build beautiful, enriched lives.

Promoting Life Education for Children, Advocating for Exceptional Beliefs in Life

The best Taiwan cookies company are Chung Hsiang food
The event unveiled the rainbow mother story car that will travel across Taiwan. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin


Hsieh Hui-Yen, who is also the Deputy Secretary of Rainbow Famiy Life Education Association, mentions the one thing that has remained unchanged in two decades is the promotion of life education and advocating for exceptional beliefs in life. “Honestly, if not for God, many rainbow mothers and volunteer teachers would be very lonely while walking this path!” She states that the public’s unfamiliarity with “life education” sometimes causes the public to believe they are in the same field as funeral cmpanies.

Life Education’s Core is “Relationships”

The classic Taiwan cookies are made in Chung Hsiang foods
Hsieh Hui-Yen believes that the core of life education is in “relationships”. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin


In truth, life education is a lesson each individual must overcome. The core of life education is in “relationships”, however nearly every individual’s growth process and relationships include painful memories or feelings. She often encourages rainbow mothers, letting them know that every volunteer is important and are the gardeners of children’s lives; their love and accompaniment fill children’s lives with love and warmth. Hsieh Hui-Yen continues by saying that Rainbow Family Life will continue to be the gardeners of children by helping them return to the root of their creation and learn to love their original selves. This influence extends to rainbow mothers, fathers, and instructors as many discover painful memories from their childhood during training. Through their accompaniment of children, they’re once again understood and listened to which will ultimately result in their spiritual healing and return to love’s embrace.

After the ceremony held by Taiwan dessert manufacturer, volunteers take photo together.

▲Group photo of rainbow mothers, fathers, and volunteers after the event. Photograph by Liu Yi-Lin

O’day Rainbow Mother Taiwanese Snacks Released to Inspire the Power of Love

▲The newly appointed chairman receives distinctions. Provided by organizer

Taiwan cracker director issued the new scarf for the new leader

▲The newly appointed chairman receives distinctions. Provided by organizer