The Satisfaction of Food Donation! Generous Soda Cracker Manufacturer Donates SUV for Charity – Mobilizes Youths to Deliver Food to Remote Areas

Chung Hsiang Foods

Chung Hsiang Foods has been established for nearly half a century. The company’s insistence on quality means it only uses fresh scallions to produce their crackers. Recently, the company has ramped up efforts to fulfill their corporate social responsibility through long-term partnerships with charity groups, regular food donations to Andrew Food Bank, Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association, and other charities to ensure that disadvantaged families do not suffer from hunger. The company also personally visits remote areas to deliver supplies as well as donated two SUVs to Joseph Granary so as to facilitate their delivery of resources to remote areas and help those who truly need it.

Taiwanese Cracker Manufacturer Donates SUVs in Hopes of Mobilizing the Public

Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association has long been dedicated to caring for disadvantaged families in Taiwan’s remote areas and indigenous tribes. They found that residents in indigenous tribes lacked resources and were unable to receive 3 meals a day due to factors such as natural disasters, far travel distances in the mountains, and the challenges of transportation. Therefore, Chung Hsiang Foods called for the public through an internet charity campaign in February by pledging to donate 5% of sales during the campaign as well as donating two four-wheel drive SUVs to Joseph Granary to assist with the delivery of supplies. Additionally, they hoped that these actions could mobilize passionate youths in the future to join the ranks of charity.

Satisfying Soda Cracker Charity Pack – Excellent Taiwanese Souvenir

These nutritious and delicious soda crackers are often linked to “health” and is a great product that many people use to stave off hunger. In addition to the many years of insisting on product quality, Chung Hsiang Foods spares no efforts in delivering love and focusing on charity. This year, the company has partnered with popular illustrator SHIRO&MARO and will release 1.78 million “Satisfying Charity Packs” with cute illustration prints starting in May. The product will promote the principles of “donating food for happiness” in order to mobilize public donations to charity.

Donating Food for Happiness

Now, any purchase of the “Satisfying Charity Pack” in the Natural Series will allow the public to participate in charity! Chung Hsiang Foods has created the campaign website [Donating Food for Happiness] which not only donates nutritious and healthy crackers, but hopes to deliver the kindness of consumers to every corner of Taiwan. Starting from today until July 4th, purchasing “Satisfying Charity Packs” of Natural Series soda crackers from convenience stores in Taiwan (7-11, FamilyMart, OK, and Hi-Life) and uploading a photo of the purchase receipt plus the Satisfying Charity Pack to and entering the full receipt number along with personal information will gain a chance to win SHIRO&MARO merchandise. Chung Hsiang will select 4 winners each week to thank consumers for their love and support of the charity program.

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