Chung Hsiang Foods 2018 Ghost Festival Promotional Event [Natural Series – Bring Happiness Along]

In recent years, major advertisers have been promoting sales during the Ghost Festival with ads inspired by folk customs and the supernatural; however, they’ve forgotten that within the lunar calendar, July has also traditionally been a month of gratitude/auspiciousness.

Taiwan cookies Company Launched the Special Promotional Event

In order to fill the public with gratitude and luck while they purchase supplies for the Ghost Festival, CH Foods launched the special promotional event [Natural Series – Bring Happiness Along] in August. The release of large, satisfying bags of crackers that combine several products that meet the requirements of worshipers, connecting to consumers through interactive processes (whether it’s immediate gifting upon opening packages, registering for prize draws online, or tricycle of happiness at retail locations from time to time) are all aimed to bring happiness to the general public!

Second Generation of Taiwanese Cookies Company will Held the Ceremony

8/19 Cart of Happiness event will be led by the 3 representatives (President Li Chao-Chih, Executive Director Li Chien-He, and Executive Director Li Chuan-Wei) of the second generation succession team who will act as ambassadors of happiness guiding audience members in making Asian crackers that can be used for confessing their love~

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