Celebrating 50th Anniversary, Asian Nougats and Candies Launched for Ghost Festival

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Asian Nougat and Candies Launched During Ghost Festival Conveys Positive Energy for Enduring this Economic Winter

As Chung Hsiang Foods celebrates our 50th anniversary, we have felt the colossal impact of COVID-19 in many industries. We hope to join other companies in all industries in enduring this economic winter by launching Asian nougats and candies as well as inviting singer Jane Huang, who recently recovered from child birth, to take the stage on the 9th with indigenous children. This is the first event stage at a marathon event since the pandemic where Jane Huang will sing inspiring songs which convey love, happiness, and positive energy. CH Foods Executive Director Li Chuan-Wei stated: “We hope that Jane Huang’s voice and our Ghost Festival event #BringHappinessAndLuckWithYou in the first marathon event after the pandemic can convey messages such as love, happiness, and positive energy.”


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