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O’day Mille-Nougat (Cranberry Flavor)

Rich and creamy
Soft and crispy
Shortbread Fusion Snowflake Nougat
Sweet and sour but not greasy, the first choice for dessert

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Product Description

Product Name:O’day Mille-Nougat (Cranberry Flavor)
Ingredients:Maltose, Wheat Flour, Dried Cranberries(Cranberry, Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Milk Powder, Butter, Trehalose, Sugar, Glucose, Albumen Powder(Sugar, Albumen Powder, Salt, L-Tartaric Acid), Cheese Powder(Milk, Rennet, Salt, Sodium Phosphate), Jelly Powder(Carrageenan, Konjac Powder, Locust Bean Gum(Locust Bean Gum, Sugar), Glucose, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Lactate), Egg, Palm Oil, D-Sorbitol Solution 70%, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Glucose Syrup, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Flavor, Sodium Metabisulfite.
Net Weight:90g (3.17 oz)