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Established in 1970


After graduation, the two founders worked together as apprentices at a Taipei bakery. It was in the days of handmade crackers, the two founders would get up every morning at 4 a.m, fire up their oven, bake crackers, and replenish the coal fire. They repeated this tedious process all day long and well into the night, sometimes not resting until 1 or even 2 a.m. Their tireless shifts often led to getting calloused and blistered hands from continuously tending to the oven, and would leave them covered from head to toe in black soot. More often than not, the two fledgling bakers found themselves having to take brief naps on the piles of flour sacks that dotted their workshop when they could not go on any further.

In addition to in-store trivia, delivery was also required. Taiwan was a very different place five decades ago. Back then, they had to brave winds, rain, and difficult roads to deliver biscuits on bicycle rickshaws—the most common road vehicle at the time—to customers throughout the great Taipei area, Keelung and Tamsui. They did all they could to ensure that the products they delivered were of high quality, regardless of the obstacles they faced. Experiencing these sorts of challenges together for years on end enabled the two trustworthy partners to develop perseverance and a passion for pursuing high quality that is difficult for many to truly comprehend.

Factory set up in 1977

Gradual Expansion

As the business grew, the bosses decided to move back to Taoyuan County, the founders’ hometown, to cope with expanding operations. It was also during this time that the company mechanized its factory and introduced its now-famous transparent package and token red logo.

Relocation in 2004

Steady Market Development

Due to the large market demand and the insufficient output of the old factory, the factory was moved again to the current location on Guangfu Road, Bade City and expanded the factory to meet a wider range of needs by offering higher quality products such as the Nature Series in 2002, which is preparing for two years later to officially set off an upsurge in 2004, and generally appearing in the major sales channels. At present, we are more active in developing new products and creating diversified delicacies to meet the needs of various consumer groups.

The first sandwich cracker launched in 2011

Diversified Operation

In 2011, Chung Hsiang Foods. launched a new product line, “Sweet Afternoon – Sandwich Soda Cracker”. You can enjoy the crispiness of vegetable soda cracker and the softness of maltose mixed with milk flavor in between, and the well-balanced saltiness and sweetness just like the symphony in your mouth. It was highly praised after the launch.

New taste of Natural Series was launched in 2012

Breakthrough for Natural Series Crackers

After being away for several years, Natural Series releases the new flavor for Pepper and Mushroom soda crackers. The locally grown fresh mushroom with black pepper, which ingredients are all vegetarian, creates perfect blends and unforgettable experience.

Factory expansion in 2013

Keep Planning & Preparing

As diet and living market change rapidly, new product development and technology will be the goal that must keep forging ahead. In 2013, Chung Hsiang Foods. planned to rebuild the factory, hoping to introduce more advanced and excellent types of equipment to achieve more professional quality and efficiency of crackers making.

CSR launched in 2018

Food Charity Program

Four operators in the second generation succession team (President: Li, Chao-Chih, Executive director: Li, Chien-He / Li, Tsung-Hsien / Li, Chuan-Wei) not only inherit the founders’ spirit of “Quality, Integrity, and Persistence”, but also commit themselves to fulfill the enterprise’s due contribution to the country and social responsibility.

In addition to the care of Taoyuan’s local construction, regularly sponsored Andrew Food Bank to keep children of disadvantaged families from starving. Shortly, it will conduct more in-depth cooperation with “Taiwan International Joseph Granary Charity Association”, and the special program “Food Charity for Instant Happiness”, to gather Taiwanese love and send happiness to more remote and rural areas of Taiwan to meet the needs of more people.