Chung Hsiang’s biscuits stand out from the

Chung Hsiang’s biscuits stand out from the crowd because of its careful selection of ingredients to create a “natural” flavor, and because of the special manufacturing techniques that Chung Hsiang uses. When choosing which raw materials to use, Chung Hsiang always insists on the best; whether looking for materials that will give an authentic Taiwanese taste to its products, or selecting imported materials, Chung Hsiang employs a rigorous selection process with very high standards. For example, we use pure, natural Australian butter and cheese, and cereals imported from Europe and the U.S. Every day, Chung Hsiang takes delivery of fresh, high-quality green onions snd mushrooms  etc.


This insistence on using the finest materials reflects Chung Hsiang’s commitment to providing only the best for our customers. In the future, Chung Hsiang intends to make even more use of Taiwanese home-grown ingredients and materials, so as to be able to produce crackers and cookies with a real Taiwan flavor while at the same time helping to support Taiwan’s farmers and the ongoing development of Taiwanese agriculture.


Chung Hsiang’s unique production method and baking technology are another reason for the unbroken market dominance of Chung Hsiang, which has seen Chung Hsiang products remaining popular with consumers for 41 years. The key factor behind this impressive record of success is the fact that, in addition to their marvelous flavor and crispy texture, every Chung Hsiang soda cracker (each of which is less than 0.2 cm in width) embodies three key elements: the right moisture content, the right temperature, and the right baking speed.


Walking into Chung Hsiang’s factory in the BaDe district of Taiwan’s Taoyuan County, one’s nose is immediately filled with the delicious scent of crackers and cookies. The secret to the success of Chung Hsiang, which started off as a manufacturer of soda crackers, lies in three key elements. Throughout the production process, Chung Hsiang is able to maintain precise control of moisture content, temperature and baking speed, which can otherwise be a major and unpredictable source of problems for a baking firm.

is the single most important factor that determines how tasty a cracker or cookie will be. Each individual cracker must contain only a very tiny amount of moisture; this is the single most important determinant of how crisp the cracker will be.Each ball of dough spends several hours sleeping in a temperature-controlled room; this is the fermentation process for the dough. There are three key elements that determine whether or not the fermentation process is successful: temperature, timing, and moisture content. Getting them all just right requires experience, and this is where Chung Hsiang excels!
is the second key factor that determines the quality of a cracker or cookie. There are over a dozen different combinations that can be used with respect to baking temperature; at the same time, the ratio of the different ingredients used also influences the temperature that is selected for baking. Whether the product is sweet or salty, and whether there are any additional ingredients added to the mix, are other factors that affect the baking temperature combination. Getting it just right is a real science! This is where the challenge lies in producing what seems on the face of it just to be a simple, thin cracker. 90% of the success in making crackers is determined by this short baking process; there is no room for error!
is the third vital element, with the need to keep within the golden seven seconds.Once the fermentation process is over, the dough is rolled and formed into the required shape; salt is then added before putting the cracker into the oven. The secret here is speed. Every cracker must come out of the tunnel oven within 4 ~ 5 minutes. Even an extra 7 seconds can be enough to char it!
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